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Welcome! We are so excited to be participating in the Around the Block - US Tour.  We are week #21 and this week you are visiting the great state of North Carolina.

Our block this week is the Northern Cardinal.  

Northern Cardinal

North Carolina designated the northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) as official state bird in 1943. One of America's favorite backyard birds, cardinals are distinctive in appearance and song - known for their "cheer cheer cheer," "whit-chew whit-chew" and "purty purty purty" whistles.

Male cardinals are a brilliant scarlet red, females a buff brown with reddish wings; both have a jet-black mask, pronounced crest, and heavy bill. The cardinal sings nearly year-round, and the male aggressively defends his 4-acre territory (male cardinals have been seen attacking small red objects mistaken as other males).

Northern cardinals breed 2-3 times each season. The female builds the nest and tends the hatchlings for about 10 days while the male brings food. The male then takes over the care of this first brood while the female moves on to a new nest and lays a second clutch of eggs.

The cardinal is the state bird of 7 states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.
(Source Credit: copied from State Symbols USA)

The block instructions can be found here. We hope you enjoy making this block to remind you of this beautiful bird!

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