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$5.50 or $8.50 Shipping based on weight, or
FREE SHIPPING if order is $100 or greater
All shipping quotes to Continental US only
Quilting Services:
- We quilt on a Baby Lock Regalia with Pro-Stitcher
- Edge-to-Edge Quilting (allover design) @ $0.02 per square inch
- We use premium Quilter’s Dream Batting
- Same color thread on top & bottom
- For hints on preparing your quilt to be longarm quilted, please click here.

Additional Services Available:

  • Make Binding $.05 per linear inch – You provide the fabric and we cut and prepare the binding, making it ready to attach to your quilt.
  • Machine stitched to both front & back of quilts - $0.10 per linear inch
  • Machine stitched to front /hand stitched to back - $0.25 per linear inch
Miscellaneous Charges:
If additional work must be done to your quilt before it can be quilted we charge $20 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. Prior to doing any additional work, we will call you to advise what needs to be done. Some of the most common things we have seen are:
  • sewing of seams that came loose
  • reattaching a wavy border
  • adding leaders to the backing (because backing fabric is not at least 8” longer and/or wider than quilt top)
  • sew backing together

Machine Quilting by Mail:

We provide longarm services by mail. Just ship us your quilt with the quilting services form filled out (be sure to include your address). If you are not able to download and print the form, please enclose your name, address, phone number, batting preference, and any special instructions on a separate piece of paper.  Feel free to call us with any questions. All shipping costs are your responsibility.

We will put your quilt in line to be quilted the day we receive it. If you have a deadline or need a rush job, please be sure to notify us and we can discuss further via phone.

We recommend shipping only your top and backing (or just your top if you prefer to purchase backing from us). We carry high-quality batting and buying your batting from us will reduce the shipping charges when you send your quilt to us. We will call you when your quilt is finished with actual shipping fees and the final quilting bill. We can accept credit cards over the phone and get your quilt shipped immediately. All quilts are shipped via the USPS.


We use Quilter’s Dream batting. They use the softest, silkiest, highest-quality fibers so that your quilt will stay soft and wonderfully drapeable. No scrims, glues, resins or binders. We currently use the following:
          o   Cotton Request
                     Thin & lightweight providing the lowest loft. Warm in winter & cool in summer. Great for micro-quilting or can be quilted up to 8” apart. Machine wash & dry.
          o   80/20 Blend
                      The perfect blend of 80% high grade long staple USA cotton fiber paired with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully & breathes                        well. The poly micro-fibers add loft & resistance to creases/wrinkles. Can be quilted up to 8” apart.  Machine wash & dry.
           o   Wool
                      Made with a Scoured & Super Washed Domestic & Fine Merino Wool for superior cleanliness & to eliminate shrinkage and felting. It provides exceptionally soft                                        drape, uniformity, and strength. Stitch up to 8” apart.

                      More than 1/3″ loft that beautifully accentuates the quilting. For a higher loft, Dream Wool can be layered with other Dream Battings.
                      May be Machine Washed & Dried on COLD setting without shrinkage. To prevent losing the beautiful loft – avoid ironing or using heat. 
                      If creases are present, fluff in a cool dryer with a damp cloth for just a few minutes & the Dream Wool springs Back to its original loft.

*If you provide your own batting, please make sure batting is wider & longer than the quilt top by a total of 8”-12” in each direction.*

Preparing your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting:


  • Please send the top, backing, and batting as separate items (although they can be in one package).  DO NOT pin or baste the layers together. 
  • Quilts should be free of any embellishments; Buttons, beading, ribbon, ric rac, and other types of embellishments should be done after quilting.


  • Backing should be 8-12” WIDER AND LONGER than the quilt top in each direction. That’s 4”-6” all the way around. If larger, that is fine. You don’t need to cut any extra off.
  •  If buying wide-back, please have backing torn so fabric will be on straight-of-grain.
  •  Backing can also be pieced from yardage. If piecing your back, be sure to

o Square up all yardage that you will be using and remove any selvages that would be in a seam. Leave the outside selvage edges on the backing.

o Pin pieces together, then using a walking foot stitch a 1/2” seam allowance and then press your seam open.

o Pieced backing should also be 8-12” larger than the quilt top in each direction.

o Do not try to create a symmetrical look or want something ‘centered’ on your back. We cannot load the quilt in a manner that would allow for this, and we cannot see the back when quilting.

  •  No sheets.
  •  Press well and fold neatly.

Quilt Top:

  • Please avoid using selvages in your piecing.
  • Borders should be sewn onto your quilt top squarely. If the borders are longer than the top, or put on without accurate measurements, the top will not lay flat and may create puckers in the top when quilting. If you need help with how to accurately measure and sew on borders, please see the instructions below.
  • We try our best to ease out any fullness when quilting, but we cannot guarantee that any puckers or pleats won’t occur. Just remember that the flatter your quilt top lies, the better you quilt will look when quilted.
  • Please make sure that seams on the edges are secure.  For any seams on the edge of the quilt top, it is a good idea to stay stitch, or baste, about 1/8” from the edge to make sure these seams don’t pop open when the quilt is loaded onto the longarm.
  • Please clip all stray threads from the back of the quilt. These stray threads will show through the quilt top if the top is light-colored.  For fabrics that fray badly, a drop of Fray Check or Fray Block will help. Our choice is Fray Block since it does not get hard when dried.
  • Mark the top of your quilt top with a safety pin, if not evident.
  • Press quilt top well. As you are pressing, check for gaps and loose stitching. Make sure all seams are pressed to allow for the least amount of bulk where seams join. Fold neatly.