Machine Embroidery Basics 101

Do you sometimes struggle with your machine embroidery because you're unsure about the proper stabilizer or needle to use? Or maybe you downloaded a machine embroidery design online and you're in a tussle with your computer over sending it to your machine, or even finding where in the world it went! We'll help you with all this and more in this lecture-demo style class. Here are a few of the items I'll be covering for you:

  • How to download designs from a CD or from online onto your USB drive.*
  • How to organize designs on your computer to easily locate them.
  • Polyester vs. Rayon embroidery threads.
  • Bobbin threads and tension issues.
  • To hoop or not to hoop?
  • Floating stabilizers.
  • How to embroider on difficult-to-hoop items.
  • How to properly delete items from your USB drive.
  • Recommended embroidery tools for your sewing room (there are a few must-haves and I'll share my favorites).
  • There's much more, plus a resource list for my favorite online trusted embroidery design websites. I'll show you how far technology has taken us in the embroidery world, but my desire is that you'll leave with more confidence to use your own machine to it's fullest potential.
Cost: $ 10.00
Skill Level:Beginner
Materials Included:Laptop, USB drive, notebook
Instructor:Maxie Ramey