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Featherweight 221 and 222 Maintenance & Service Clinic

Kirk Kline will walk you through disassembling and reassembling your featherweight, in order to clean and perform maintenance on the bobbin shaft assembly, upper tension assembly, and timing, as well as how to lubricate the inside and polish and care for the exterior. This class is a must for featherweight owners! (For 221 and 222 machines only)

Edge to Edge Quilting on your Embroidery Machine

Easy-Connect Quilting technique that allows you to use your home embroidery machine to get quilting results like you'd see from a long-arm quilter. (Minimum 5.6" x 9.9" embroidery field required)

Beginner's Quilt Class

Learn how to make a quilt from start to finish!

Nov 1
Baby Lock Owner's Training Part 1 - Top Line Sewing/Quilting Instruction
Nov 3
Button It Up!
Nov 4
Mr. Peabody Grasshopper