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Bonnie Christine

Inspired by Bonnie’s love for her little ones, she illustrates a playful yet delicate story for boys and girls with Lambkin. Decorated with sophisticated colors of mint, slate and blush this collection shows the vision of a peaceful farmstead.

Wonderful Things
The gentle whispers of joy fill our minds as positive thoughts bring inspiration. Wonderful Things inspires to delight with happy hues & delicate prints to uplift your spirits.

Hello, Ollie

Forest Floor
Inspired by her experience of living in the forest, Bonnie creates a whimsical world where dreams of a magical place come to life. Forest Floor hopes to ignite the exploration of forest curiosities, and take you on an adventure.

Succulents represent the ability to thrive and constantly create new growth.

Cultivate was inspired by working in the garden, smelling dirt and reaping the harvest. It's about the often overlooked importance of a simple flower garden. Where blossoms grow, birds sing, and freshly cut blooms awaken your home with happy hues.

Hello Bear
Named after Bonnie's son, Bear, this collection inspires all to see the outdoors through a new set of eyes. Illustrated with woodsy tones like pastel moss, conifer and bark, Hello, Bear invites all young at heart explorers to frolic and play.

By Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics, in 100% Cotton, Voiles and Knits.

Sweet as Honey
Explore nature & gardens of freshly picked flowers. The wonderment sets in as you gaze upon a nestled deer in this lovely place, where the birds fly free & the honey is extra sweet.

A collection that will take you back in time, to hazy summer days full of meadow walks and butterfly watching. Inspired by simple moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty, it's sophisticated, vintage and nostalgic.

Buck Forest