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Featherweight Cord Replacment

Singer Featherweight replacement cord, electrical wiring and plug.  If you have an original style Singer Foot Controller that needs a new cord and you want a quick do-it-yourself fix, then this is the replacement cord you will need.  It will supply power to the motor as well as to the light.  Simply remove the old wiring and attach this new set, and you will be ready to sew.  The Featherweight and all old sewing machines that use this plug have a non polarized system. This means either wire can attach to either side of the foot controller connection posts.  Two small metal rings are included for spacers at the screw to assure a secure connection. 

The rubber molded plug is included to plug into the Singer Featherweight 221 machine as well as the lead cord to plug into the wall outlet.  The rubber molded plug that goes into the machine can have a very firm grip as it is pushed into the machine, so just be sure to push it in securely. 

** Cord is suitable for the Singer Featherweight terminal receptacles that have the 3 rounded-pins and will not be suitable for the 3-flat pinned receptacles (most common for 220 volt machines).  See photo of the molded plug for reference.

{Another option, if you don't want the hassle of using the original foot controller is to switch to an "Electronic Foot Controller" - similar plug style to this cord, but you'd just plug in the controller and sew.}