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Metalic True Gold G3 880yd

Floriani PTG3 Metallic True Gold is a metallic thread like no other! This is the perfect metallic embroidery thread, meant for use on most high-speed machines including multi-needles. Floriani’s metallic threads are created with a very strong inner core made of polyester. The polyester core is first coated with brilliant metallic colors that add a special gleam to embroidered pieces. The threads is then coated with a special lubricating hardener to prevent the metal from flaking. This lubricant also helps the metallic thread to flow evenly and without restrictions through the sewing machine.

While metallic threads typically require sewers to use special machine needles, Floriani PTG3 Metallic True Gold is designed for use with standard embroidery needles.

Have you been frustrated with metallic threads constantly breaking or shredding and causing ruined projects? Enjoy metallics again with Floriani’s metallic threads, which are pure happiness on a spool! 880yds.