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KAI 7000 Professional Series Gift Set includes our most popular 7000 Series Shears. They are made of a heavy-duty, high-carbon stainless steel which allows these sewing shears to be sharpened at a steeper angle and allows them to maintain their cut-life and durability over time.  If you are looking for high quality professional sewing shears that are great on cottons, denims, silks, fleece, and even Carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and Nomex® then you have come to the right place. 

This set includes the following:

1 pair of 7100 (4 1/4" Professional Scissor)

Ideal for tasks that require a small but powerful cutting tool. Being the smallest of the 7000 series scissors, the 7100 is better suited for detailed projects.

1 pair of 7150 (6" Professional Scissor)

Perfect size for tasks such as trimming "dog ears", clipping threads for chain-piecing, or any task where larger shears would be too bulky, but cutting power is still desired.

1 pair of 7230 (9" Professional Shears)

The KAI 7230 is ideal for all types of light and heavy materials. This shear is stronger and lighter than traditional shears of the same size. It also features handles made of "Elastomer", a soft plastic, which is designed for better leverage and ease of handling while cutting.